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There are many men around the world suffering from a low sperm volume; this may be the case of many of us because its causes are mainly environmental and bad daily habits. So if you feel your sperm volume is getting low and if you suffer from a sterility condition because of the bad quality of your sperm, you may surely be in the pursuit of a safe way of a sperm enhancer to increase your sperm count and enjoy better virility and fertility.

But before looking for a solution to enhance sperm, you would need to go deeper within your sterility problem and dig into the causes that may provoke sperm quality damage and low volume. You have to distinguish the level of your low sperm count gravity.

What are the usual causes of a low sperm count?


1- It is true that this trouble could be derived from genetic sources and hormonal disorder, but many other causes may be more dreadful.


2- Under-nutrition or poor eating habits may also cause deficiency in sperm volume, you need nutriments that are rich sources of zinc, vitamin C, selenium etc. in order to increase sperm count and be more virile and fertile.


3- Smoking is one of the most dreadful enemies of fertility, it is known that smoking causes sperm ailments and reduces its volume and mobility, so stop smoking and increase your sperm count before it is too late!


4- Drugs reduce sperm production by up to 50% so why taking them and spoil your sexual life and fertility!


5- Alcohol affects sperm quality remarkably, it damages sperm cells and reduces its volume, so if you think of fixing your low sperm count problem, you have to reduce your alcohol consumption or quit it.


6- Toxins and environmental substances also affect testicular and hormonal functions, and since they are inevitable, try to confront them with some natural formulas to stop their effect and by this way you would have more chance to increase your sperm count more successfully.


7- Obesity is known worldwide to be a direct factor in bad sperm count quality. These causes could be discarded if you follow doctorsí recommendations and follow their advices so you can increase your sperm count successfully and healthily.

How to increase sperm count safely and effectively?

What doctors would recommend you to increase your sperm count is:
1- A balanced nutrition and a diet that is rich of vegetables, zinc, vitamin C etc.
2- A regular physical activity: you need to exercise more often to keep your blood circulation dynamic and increase your sperm count.
3- Quit smoking and stop taking drugs or it would not be possible for you to increase your sperm effectively.
4- Reduce alcohol consumption or stop it.
5- Avoid overweight: control your weight and keep your body fit.
6- Avoid hot areas like hot baths and sauna, and donít wear tight underwear or pants often or too long.

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