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  There is a wide range of penis enlargement methods and techniques but if you have decided to enlarge your penis size you have to make sure you opt for the best penis enlarger, and what doctors recommend most is the right penis enlargement way. Scientific studies have proven that most products manufactured to make penis bigger are made of chemical substances that have been revealed to be harmful for mens health and that is why you have to be aware of the risks you may be facing once you decide to enlarge your penis.


Now you must wonder what are the major techniques adopted to make penis bigger and how to identify which is the most adequate penis enlarger for you.The answer is simple; you can check out what doctors all over the world declare about each penis enlarger and follow their recommendations.

What are the most common techniques to make penis bigger?

According to doctors and health experts, the most common penis enlargement methods and products are as follow:

1 - Surgical procedures to make penis bigger: this surgical penis enlarger consists whether in inserting penis implants into your penis, or release its ligaments so it can stretch out. But all doctors agree about the risks these surgeries present (erectile dysfunction, injuries, pain, testicles harm etc.) since they are not routine procedures and have enormous risks.

2 - Pumps have been asserted to be painful and not easily used (misuse or over-suction may cause dangerous harm to your penis and overall health)

3 - Exercises and stretching techniques: this may be the most common penis enlarger but it has been proven that urethra, testicles and glands could be injured and some erectile dysfunction conditions have been reported. Exercises can be good if you apply the right techniques, but still, they are not enough for an important increase in penis size

4 - Cosmetics could also be used to make penis bigger, but most of them are made of chemical substances that may cause skin problems and injuries, so doctors don't consider this technique as a safe penis enlarger.

5 - Pills are probably the most penis enhancer that you may find all over the internet, most laboratories use spamming to make their products spread over, and this is why doctors advise you to have a deeper look at their ingredients since most of them are chemical and harmful.

So to avoid all those risks, doctors recommend products that are made of herbal extracts. Natural products are most adequate to make penis bigger without being exposed to such hazards, and the most recommended penis enlarger and most ordered by millions of men all over the world is MaxoSize. Its natural formula offers you some extra inches and harder erections; you can stay longer in bed healthily and with no need to risk your sexual performance and overall health uselessly.


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