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What affects Sperm Quality and how to Increase Sperm Count?


Both sperm volume and quality play a major role in males sexuality, they determine both fertility and virility condition in a mans sexual anatomy. A small sperm count may be caused by different factors and it really affects relationships and sexual experiences.


What causes sperm count to decrease?


Sperm volume may decrease at any age or stage of life, it has no direct connection with age but some bad habits may cause that decrease in both sperm count and quality along the years and thatís why some link the deterioration of their sperm with the fact they are getting older.

Here are the main sources of that degradation in sperm volume and quality:
1 -Wearing tight pants and underpants too often
2 - Sitting on chairs too long (office jobs)
3 - Hot water showers
4 - Obesity and bad eating habits
5 - Too frequent ejaculations (may cause infertility)
6 - Smoking and alcohol consumption
7 - Stress and over-pressure
8 - Prostate problems

These main factors and many others may be direct sources of low sperm count and to lead a successful sexuality with perfect fertility and virility men with low sperm count have to find safe methods that increase sperm count and let them enjoy a more comfortable life.

How to increase sperm count?

There are products available for every man and approved by doctors as safe and effective but to increase sperm count even more effectively you need to give up some bad habits and follow a healthier lifestyle, what you have to do along with your sperm count enhancing process is:
1 -Not to masturbate or have sex too often, you need to ejaculate less frequently to regain a good sperm count.
2 -Give up smoking and alcohol intake, alcohol affects the liver functioning and sperm count.
3 -Avoid sitting too long and try a daily physical activity.
4 -If you have extra fat then try to lose weight and limit your consumption of some food.
5 -Try to relax more often and avoid stress, massages can be very helpful.
6 -Take herbal supplements that increase sperm count and opt for a good sperm count enhancer.

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