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How can you enlarge your penis?


There are thousands of men all over the world who constantly ask how they can enlarge their penis size. An under-sized penis causes a lot of troubles and frustration to the man and affects its self-confidence level. So if you think your penis is under-sized, you have to know that you are one of millions of men around the world who canít stop thinking about enlarging their penis size and finally get released from that handicapping factor.

You have certainly done as any man would do when looking for the best way to enlarge his penis effectively and without harm, and you have surely asked that questions millions of times.


Now if you have decided to enlarge your penis, just follow what doctors recommend most and enlarge your penis healthily and naturally without putting your health and life into hazardous procedures.



What you should know before starting to enlarge your penis:

Before choosing what methods you would opt for to enlarge your penis, you should have a deeper look at each penis enlargement method or procedure so you can be well-informed about the risks you would be exposed to. Here are the major penis enlargement techniques as reviewed by doctors and health experts:

I - Surgical procedures to enlarge your penis: there are two main surgical procedures to enlarge penis size; the first one is by cutting the two penile ligaments that attach the erectile bodies to the main bone which makes your penile shaft extend out and your penis stretch to have a bigger appearance. This way you can increase penis size but this procedure is not common and presents high risks of losing erections. The second procedure is by inserting a penile implant which is composed of two cylinders but this is not a routine procedure and it is more often made for erectile problems and is not that safe.

II - Using penis pups to increase penis size: this procedure can be done manually by fitting a pump over your penis then adding a ring at its end which increases your blood flow and allow your penis to grow bigger, but this blood-pressure inside both the penis and the vacuum pump causes damages to your vessels and injury to your testicles and these risks are not dismissed since there is a possibility of extra suction or misuse of the pump.

III - Exercises that help you enlarge your penis: some techniques like Jelqing , Clamping, Stretching and Hanging etc. All these methods are said to be effective to increase penis size but all of them present risks of bleeding urethra, restriction of blood passage into glands and erectile dysfunction.

IV - Lotions and gels used to increase penis size: there are some lotions containing Arginine, gums gels and other cosmetic substances you can use to enlarge your penis but results were not reported effective and some chemical components may cause injury and skin problems.

V - Pills and oral medication to enlarge penis size: these penis enlargement pills are mainly made of chemical substances usually extracted from animals or manufactured for profits. Scientists assert that there is no single chemical pill that is tested and proved to be harmless and effective in penis enlargement field. Only herbal formulas were recommended by doctors and that for the natural ingredients they enclose and the safe and effective results they have always shown since years.

So in order to enlarge your penis naturally, you should opt for what doctors recommend most and avoid the risks of those hazardous procedures and chemical substances. One of the most recommended herbal products is MaxoSize, it is approved by doctors and has always presented safe results.



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