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Delay Ejaculation


Do you have problems delaying your ejaculations during sexual intercourses?

Are you one of those millions of men suffering from premature ejaculation all over the world?


It is true that this sexual trouble is one of the most frustrating conditions, and you must be depressed because of the repeated disappointment you experience anytime you wish to satisfy your partner. But don’t feel like you are out of clues and that this sexual situation is your permanent fate.
You are one of millions of men around the world who wonder how to delay ejaculation from ruining their lives and who are in continuous search of solutions to delay their ejaculation and stay longer during sexual intercourses so they could lead a normal sexual life and satisfy their partners.

How to delay ejaculation?


There are several tips to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed, in case PE isn already settled in your everyday sexual activity:

1- Avoid using alcohol and drugs since it totally discards your control of ejaculation.

2- Discover all body sensations and stimulations, take your time to enjoy the moment from head to toe and try to appreciate the way by which you approach pleasure and don’t make of it your only target because this is the main path to premature ejaculation.

3- Learn to relax and take your time during sex, breathe deeply and think about the long moment you will be enjoying sexual arousal so you can prevent premature ejaculation from breaking that moment of long pleasure.

4- Learn how to “stop” and “restart” by controlling your sensations and arousal (you can get used to that technique through masturbation) then learn how to delay your ejaculation as long as you can.

5- Discover new sexual postures and avoid those which stimulate your climax. Talk about delaying your ejaculation with your partner so she would go smoothly (moans and love sounds help relaxing men and would make them prevent premature ejaculation from coming-up too fast).

By learning how to control your ejaculation process you would probably delay ejaculation, but if the trouble is already there, and if your premature ejaculation is too frequent, you would need some extra help and choose the right premature ejaculation treatment for your situation.




Delaying Ejaculation Treatments:

To delay ejaculation you would need doctors’ advices and recommendations, and they will certainly suggest the safest way for premature ejaculation treatment.

1- Some sexual therapies like squeezing and masturbation techniques or pressure-removal ways are used in some cases but can’t be 100% successful unless it comes with a healthy and effective treatment.

2- Psychotherapy technique is also used to delay ejaculation but it focuses on special cases and not every premature ejaculation condition could be treated this way.

3- Natural therapy remains the most recommended way for premature ejaculation treatment, doctors all over the world suggest PremaStop to their patients since it is rated as best and safest formula around the world to help men delay their ejaculation and prevent its aggravation.

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